2018 September Active Chess Tournament

Pre-Registered Players - Active Rating (Pizza Preference)

Registration List last updated Aug 23, 2018 at 9:30 AM

  1. Tim Pradzinski - 1959  (Meat Lovers)
  2. Eddy Tjandrajana - 1950  (Meat Lovers)
  3. Douglas Nechio - 1941  (Cheese)
  4. Wade Caughlin - 1859  (No Preference)
  5. Piotr Pisanski - 1744 (No Preference)
  6. Jason Green - 1622  (BBQ Chicken)
  7. Cliff Turner - 1604  (No Preference)
  8. Paul McGinnis - 1543  (Meat Lovers)
  9. Brian Redmond - 1494  (Meat Lovers)
  10. Matthew Moore - 1280  (Pepperoni and Mushroom) 

Want to Play?

Our Active chess tournaments are always very competitive.  Both players have only 25 minutes for the entire game plus you get an extra 10 seconds every time you make a move.  The pace is quick and the games can be intense.

If you are looking for some tough, exciting games, you need to sign up for this tournament!

Not only will you get to play some great chess, you will get to enjoy some great pizza!

Fill out the form below to send the tournament director, Tim Pradzinski, an email to let us know you want to play.  Your name will then be added to the pre-registered list.

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2018 September Active Chess Tournament